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Somnath Travels has experience of more than 12 years in Car Rental Field. We have our own cars and offices in Somnath, Dwarka, Rajkot, Porbandar, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Diu and Sasan Gir. We do rental business. Like other operator we don't do commission business. So rates will always be lower with Somnath Travels.


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About Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple Jyotirling :

Somnath is First Jyotirling among twelve. Somnath Temple is Situated in Indian State Gujarat. Mahmud Gaznavi invasion has made his Temple more famous. No doubt that divinity of this great shrine also has important role making this temple more famous.

It is believed by many historians that invading 17 times any temple with 100 percent success is not possible for any one. It is only a myth. Reality is that Mahmud Gaznavi has invaded Somnath Temple only 2 times. Muslim Invaders are specially attracted to this temple because of its Gold, Diamonds and Silver.

Ruined Somnath Temple Photo Graph Taken By Allen Robson in 1869

Ruined Somnath Temple     Ruined Somnath Temple

 Somnath of Gujarat is known for its Somnath Temple. Built in ancient Chalukya style of temple architecture, Somnath Temple draws huge influx of pilgrims to Somnath throughout the year.

Tourist from all over India visit Somnath Temple throughout the year. As Somnath Temple covered in 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva many foreign tourist also visit somnath temple. Somnath temple is also known for beautiful sightseeing located nearby. GeetaMandir, Laxmi-Narayan Mandir, the Cave of Shri Balramji, ParshuramTapobhoomi,PanchPandavGufa, TriveniGhat, BhalkaTirth, Suraj Mandir, Museum, Junagarh Gate, Mai Puri, Ahilyabai Temple, Jama Masjid are popular sightseeings of somnath.The tourists and pilgrims do advance booking, asin festival season majority of hotels, dharmshala and resorts booked 100%by tourist. At that time accommodation options in Somnath are very limited.
Tourist also enjoy on beach located near somnath temple. There are manyfun & enjoyable activities are carried out by tourist like camel riding, horse riding & sweet water of coconut.

Government has modernized the beach, stillit retains its natural beauty. Tourists come to this seaside destination to enjoy the sunset and temple view from beach of this beautiful place. You can really enjoy your holiday by visiting somnath temple and nearby market of city. When you choose to take a break in somnath there are many things to see and do. You can go for sightseeing by road. Somnath is accessible by road from nearby towns& direct train is also available to reach at Somnath from major cities of Gujarat. The nearest airport is located in Diu. Diu is around 100 kilometers from somnath. Somnath is well connected by roads and highways. Tourist also prefer cabs to make his journey comfortable and enjoyable. Now a days online cab and car booking is one of the easiest option to reach somnath. Tourist always looking for higher taxi and prefers best car available in reasonable rates. The luxury traveler class also prefers high end cards.

Many tours and travel agency offers various travel packages for tourist as tourist always prefer to visit SasanGir and Diu. SasanGir is popular for Asiatic Lions and Diu is popular is for beautiful beaches. The hotels of Somnath provides modern comforts and multifarious amenities to its guests. Many tour operators and travel tourism agent provide and arrange travel, accommodation, food, conveyance along with entertainment facilities in attractive packages and economic means.

Man’s eternal quest to know the supreme and the unknown takes him far and wide to pilgrimages across the globe. The presence of that mysterious supreme which cannot be comprehended by commoners can be experienced in Somnath; the eternal shrine, devoted to Lord Shiva. Standing tall on west coast of India on the bank of Arabian Sea the dominatingShikhasr of the temple tells the timeless tale of its fall and rebuilding seventeen times in the historical past. The AbadhitSamudra Marg, Tirsthambh (Arrow) indicates the unobstructed sea route towards the South Pole. This is a amazing marker of the ancient Indian wisdom of geography and strategic location of the Jyotirling. The splendor of this beautiful temple is so marvelous that once visited it can never be forgotten by anyone.

Humanity has always honored the divine and the mysterious. The sacred pilgrimages are often associated with the supernatural and the extraordinary where the physical and material world merges together to form one. Somnath temple in Gujarat is the abode of Lord Shiva and boasts as one of the Jyotirlingas in India is exactly that pilgrimage shrine which remains sacred and spiritually meaningful even today.
But if you are a non-believer and do not recognize holy place, religious architecture and sacred art than one can take pride in visiting one of the world’s oldest cities located on the west coast of Indian subcontinent. The charm and the splendor of this unique and ancient city is worth considering as you plan your holidays.

An undeniable spiritual feel swirls around this holy shrine making it one of the most intimate places of the world. The majestic sea at whose coast the Somnath temple stands provides a magnificent view to the onlookers and inspires a feeling of awe and wonder in the hearts and minds of the tourists.
To make the pilgrimage easy for both national and foreign tourists The Ministry of Tourism; India has taken keen interest in developing all the facilities required by tourist in order to make the stay both comfortable and safe here. One may find luxury hotels or cheap hotel in and around the Somnath depending on his own requirement and ease.


Somnath Attractions - Places To See In Somnath : Car And Auto Charges

Somanth Temple New | Old Somnath Temple | Bhalka Tirth | Triveni Sangam | Sharda Math | Panch Pandav Gufa | Geeta Mandir | Ban Gangeshwar |

If you Hire Car For Local Sight Seeing in Somnath They will charge you 1500 Rs

If you Hire Auto Rickshwa They Will Charge You 600 to 800 Rs

Time : Approx 3 Hours


Car Booking To Diu

Up until a year prior, Diu was moderately obscure past the inhabitants of Gujarat, who frequented it on weekends. It is a long way from being known as a flourishing tourist destination. Diu, a significant portion of Daman and Diu - a Union Territory, is a little island close to the shoreline of Gujarat. What's more, Daman and Diu aren't just one spot. Truth be told, they are more than 600 kms away from each other. Diu has been prominent for a considerable length of time among the general population of Gujarat, less for its calm shorelines or old places of worship and fortification, yet more for the simple access to liquor, which is generally banned in the rest of Gujarat state.

Tranquil, delightful and scenic, this wind-cleared island, which lies concealed from any real town or city, is unique; a brief time in Diu and you understand this unquestionably is not the general kind of holiday destination. The climate is non-touristy, no touts, clean shorelines, clean roads, great food, modest wine etc. together define the city. Both, the spot and its pace are wonderful and unquestionably laid back. This rolls out for a reviving improvement! Does one need more from an ideal holiday destination? A majority of people wind up staying longer than arranged!

Diu was a Portuguese Colony since 1539, even after the British had left in 1947 it proceeded under Portuguese control until it was freed in 1961. The spot still holds a particular essence of the past era subsequent to having been keep running on remote control from far away Goa and Lisbon for about four centuries. Diu, scarcely 36 sq. km in size, is currently a union domain called 'Daman and Diu' and further governed directly by Delhi!

In spite of the fact that numerous guests envision that they'll locate a microcosmic rendition of Goa, which was the seat of Portugal's Indian realm, refracted through an energetic Gujarati lens, Diu is considerably more laidback than India's most loved holiday destination. There are no rave parties here or chic beachside bars, no extraordinary night-markets or Russian mafia wears.

The fact that Diu is situated far-off from any mainland Indian city has inoculated Diu against the mindless modernization fever that has contaminated whatever remains of the nation. Therefore, it's a delight to every novice history enthusiast. It offers the chance to investigate the best-protected Portuguese town format in India. Walking around the island's winding paths and calm squares at nightfall teleports you straight into the pages of the seventeenth-century travelog. While you are here, tourist attractions that immediately snatch the attention are Diu Fort, St. Francis of Assisi - the night mass held each Saturday 6:30 onwards is an unquestionable requirement go to, St. Paul's Church, Gangeshwar Temple, Naida Caves, Sea Shell Museum, INS Khukri Memorial, Nagoa Beach, Bandar Chowk, Gomti Beach, Jallandhar Beach, and so on. Also, Somnath, a very adored Hindu pilgrimage is in close nearness to Diu, and travelers frequently visit the religious site. Besides, is a simple availability of Somnath to Diu taxi and the other way around.